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Who can participate and become an ambassador for Happy Kids?

Everyone who is inspired by our “Happy Kids” project can carry their enthusiasm into the world and share it with others. We are happy to welcome people of all ages and from all walks of life.

Achieving goals together!

In order to realise and promote the Happy Kids project and its sub-projects, constant communication with the public is required. To carry our message into the world, we need you as an ambassador, because you are enthusiastic about our idea. Help us to make the project “Happy Kids” known to your circle of acquaintances, your relatives, your friends, at school, in the association, your company and during your lectures. Become ambassadors and experience that shared joy is double joy. It is so easy to set loving accents, to talk about the good and only through communication to change and improve the future of our children!

I want to be an ambassador, how does that work?

Send us a mail – – or send us a message,
tell us about yourself, tell us who you are, what you do and answer us a question:
Why do you want to be an ambassador for Happy Kids?

If you are a underage person, we also need the permission of your parents.

As soon as we have read your application, we will invite you personally to visit us and talk to you about the Happy Kids projects.

If the distance is too big, we can also do it via Skype.

Those who carry our message into the world enjoy special advantages: 

+ a certificate “Ambassador of Happy Kids”
+ Your photo on our website
+ Our logo for your own website “I support the project “Happy Kids
+ Handmade Africa pendant from coconut
+ VIP-Guest at charity events
+ Accommodation and meals during a visit of our project in Buea, Cameroon, Africa


Amel Lariani

Amel Lariani

Process consultant and business coach,

I love watching people grow. I simply have to support what Martin Hahn does in the form of Happy Kids, giving children a chance of education and promoting skills. He puts his heart and soul into it. I know where my support is going and we, my team and I, will not only commit ourselves financially but also as supporters and companions. We would like to promote the same model in Germany and Austria, but unfortunately it is not so easy here in this country. That’s why I support Happy Kids, because I am totally convinced by its philosophy.

It is so easy to change the world! Become an ambassador of Happy Kids and improve the future of our children!